Meet Emily Fabiano

Emily Fabiano is a visionary leader with extensive expertise in public sector workforce transformation. Working at the intersection of workforce strategy, economic development, and public policy, Emily provides a unique perspective on addressing the challenges of today's and tomorrow's workforce. She excels in fostering cross-sector collaboration, bridging the industry-education gap, and developing programs to prepare individuals for job opportunities.

Prior to founding Workmorphis, Emily served as as Director of Strategy and Operations for the Ohio Governor's Office of Workforce Transformation until June 2021. In this capacity, she oversaw a $100M annual portfolio of workforce programs, notably spearheading TechCred. Since its inception in October 2019, TechCred has funded over 50,000 technology credentials for Ohioans and has benefitted more than 2,000 businesses. TechCred has secured bipartisan support and backing from the business community, resulting in increased funding each year.

As Founder and President of Workmorphis, Emily's proven track record includes transformative projects benefiting companies, job seekers, and communities. Her strategic approach helps clients optimize publicly-funded initiatives, reduce wasteful spending, and enhance outcomes for individuals and organizations contributing to economic growth.

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