Education and Labor Market Alignment

Closing skills gaps is imperative to prepare people for jobs, now and in the future. By understanding the needs of educators, industry leaders, and job seekers, we help education providers create programs to prepare the future workforce with the knowledge and skills required for successful careers.

Education-Employer Partnerships

Develop partnerships with industry associations, private companies, state and local governments, and non-profits to create a pipeline of qualified graduates that are prepared for careers with local employers.

Market Demand Assessments

Identify opportunities for alignment in education and training programs by understanding and mapping out existing and emerging industry and labor market needs.

Skills-Based Curriculum Development

Partner with education providers to develop industry-driven, skills-based curriculum so that graduates are prepared with high-demand skills needed for careers with local employers.

Career-Focused Education

Create or build upon opportunities for education to offer students or job seekers industry experience through internships, co-ops, and apprenticeships.

Maximize Existing Resources

Identify and help educators navigate and maximize publicly funded programs and resources.

Workforce Transformation Resources

We are inviting new contributors to share their insights on emerging challenges or trends in workforce transformation. Whether you are a leader in business, public policy, or education, your unique knowledge and perspective can help inform innovative solutions across multiple sectors.

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