How to Assess Workforce Capability and Capacity Needs

Leading companies constantly evolve their strategies and implement emerging technologies to stay competitive. Taking your growth and competitive advantage to the next level requires a workforce plan that will empower your employees to grow with your organization. The first step of workforce planning is assessing your company’s needs.

Why You Should Perform a Workforce Needs Assessment

Imagine this scenario: business is growing, company strategy is shifting, and you’re ready to launch into the next phase, but there’s one problem. You need more people. Not just more people, but more highly talented employees who can help launch the company into the next phase of its growth.

To address the problem—a shortage of people—it’s essential to define exactly what your talent needs are. A workforce needs assessment provides insights into the demand for people with certain backgrounds and skills. Conducting this assessment will identify the workforce you have today, and the additional skills, capacity, and employees needed for the future.

How to Assess Workforce Needs During a Merger

While workforce planning can be complicated for any company, mergers bring a new layer of complexity. Not only is the company growing, but it is integrating two distinct teams. This requires a workforce needs assessment across multiple teams to understand and fully maximize existing capabilities while identifying and developing solutions to bridge gaps.

The Value of Assessing Workforce Needs

Assessing workforce needs is an essential step in workforce planning. To successfully build a workforce that will grow with your company, it is essential to consider how the company’s evolving strategy will impact its demand for people with certain backgrounds and skills.

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